Expert Advice on How to Properly Arrange a Kitchen in a Private House

Arranging a kitchen in a private house is not an easy task, but it is exciting. On the one hand, it usually has fewer space restrictions than in an apartment, and on the other hand, wanting to implement many ideas, you can forget about convenience, functionality, and ergonomics. Most often, a kitchen located in a private house has the following features:

  • it may have several windows (and not one, as it is most often the case in an apartment);
  • in size, it is usually quite spacious;
  • in a private house, you can provide for convenient routing of pipes and wires (taking into account safety rules);
  • the shape of the room may not be the usual square or rectangular, but non-standard, so you should think about the most convenient location of the working area.


What Style to Choose for Kitchen Decoration?

The style of the interior of a private house and its individual rooms depends on the taste of the people living in it and on the features of the area, the facade, and the building itself. You can choose from the following styles:

  • Scandinavian, high-tech, loft, minimalism — for kitchens in modern cottages;
  • Provence, country, eco — for cute country houses located in picturesque places, next to a forest, river, or sea;
  • art deco, empire, and the like — for kitchens in luxurious mansions;
  • shabby chic, rustic — for wooden log houses.

Of course, these are just some possible options. It looks very organic when the style of the room coincides with the style of the whole house and continues harmoniously with the landscape outside the window, but still, the main thing is your taste and wishes. Sometimes even the most unexpected decisions lead to excellent results.


Convenience is crucial 

For cooking in the kitchen to be pleasant and comfortable, the “rule of the triangle” of stove, sink, and refrigerator must be followed. They should not be too far from each other (the refrigerator from the sink—at a distance of 0.5-2 m, and the sink from the stove—0.5-1.8 m). Do not place the stove and sink next to each other, it is dangerous.

It is also crucial to provide easy access to all kitchen objects and to make sure that when the refrigerator door is opened, it is not an inconvenience. Small appliances and places for preparing food can be placed between strategic points in the kitchen.  


What Furniture to Choose?

No kitchen can do without the following items, regardless of the size of the room:

  • The stove;
  • kitchen cabinets;
  • food preparation table;
  • sink

And, of course, all sorts of kitchen appliances. 

Kitchen sets with built-in appliances are especially popular today.

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