Bedroom Interior: Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Doors?

The level of comfort in the home, the expressiveness, and the individuality of the design depend on the correct choice of the door. The decorative function plays a crucial role—it is enough to replace the doors in all rooms, and the interior will be transformed!

When designing a bedroom, the owners often can not decide which interior doors to choose, so they fit both in color and style. Do not be afraid to contradict common standards, the main thing is your imagination and taste! Think about the appearance of the doors at the stage of the design project, so that they are integrated into the style of the home and complement each other.


How to Match Bedroom Door Color with Interior Styles?

With any space decoration, it is necessary to focus on the general stylistic concept of housing. If the rooms are decorated in different styles, then the design of specific areas, for example, the living room and bedroom, is taken into account. By choosing interior doors that match the color and style of these rooms, you can ensure a harmonious perception of the entire space. Often, models of all kinds of shades can be suitable for different styles, but the main factors for a competent choice are the following rules:

  • Classic, Baroque: soft light or rich warm tones of natural wood.
  • Country, ethnic: warm colors with a reddish tint.
  • Provence: light colors with an aged surface without gloss.
  • Minimalism: cool light or dark shades.
  • Modernity: dark wood colors such as wenge or painted with enamel of any tone.

For bedrooms decorated in the spirit of ethnic, baroque, country, doors that have a natural look of natural wood are also perfect. 

Neutral tones will be appropriate in any style, except for ultra-modern trends such as underground, hi-tech, etc. 

Cold shades fit perfectly into any modern style, which should be combined only with the same cold light and dark tones. 

It should be borne in mind that the darker the wood, the more rigor will be brought into the environment. If you want to add lightness and airiness to the bedroom, it is better to choose doors in light shades. And to bring a sense of warmth, use doors in reddish-red shades.


Original Bedroom Door Selection Options

Very often designers use non-standard techniques. For example, they match the door leaf to the color of the stairs, while using neutral white casings and baseboards. 

It is very effective when the doors and textiles (curtains, bedspreads, napkins) are of the same color. It makes the space look more interesting and thought out.

If adjacent rooms are decorated in the same style, it is appropriate to use doors and window frames of the same color. 

An interior in which the doors, floor, and casings are painted in different colors looks bold and creative. 

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